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Doritos Deception

First, to clarify—I’ve tried to maintain a self-imposed ban on writing about my eating habits, which I’ll explain another day. In this moment, the ban is lifted. I must speak! On four consecutive days beginning last Friday, I got a distinctly weird headache that gripped my entire head.

I could blame Sunday’s headache on the emotional roller-coaster of USA’s World Cup game against Portugal. Or I could blame Fresno’s bad air quality. No. I blame Doritos! My Sunday headache attacked within 15 minutes of eating Doritos, and that’s when it clicked . . . I had been eating Doritos almost daily since the World Cup began. Something in the bag had to be a trigger, and an online hunt uncovered a possible culprit—MSG! Have you seen the list of MSG side effects? Have you seen the list of MSG products? OMG!!

Doritos in all their “Supreme Cheddar” cheesiness rank high on the MSG naughty list. This is a problem for our family. It’s tradition for Jaime and the kids to eat Doritos dripping in hot sauce and lemon juice during televised sporting events. For the World Cup, I bought four jumbo bags from Costco. We’ve already ripped into bag three with 17 days to go!

Doritos IngredientsI’m not a fan of the Doritos concoction, so instead, I fill a small plate with chips. The idea behind the small plate is portion control—what a joke. A second plate always follows (maybe a third), and the maddening part? Manufacturers KNOW they hook you because MSG seductively whispers, “Come on, eat more, more. You know you want to.” Doritos, deception in every bag.

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a controversial alternative medicine doctor, yet I believe him when he says, “Food manufacturers are not stupid, and they’ve caught on to the fact that people like you want to avoid eating this nasty food additive. As a result, do you think they responded by removing MSG from their products? Well, a few may have, but most of them just tried to “clean” their labels. In other words, they tried to hide the fact that MSG is an ingredient.” You know what? I don’t like being duped and I don’t appreciate being laughed at. I hear those manufacturers—they’re laughing hysterically as they brainstorm sneaky new terms for MSG.

So now what? I’m going to pay closer attention to marketing tactics and product labels. I’m going to eat more whole foods and ban Doritos from my diet. And about that self-imposed ban I mentioned earlier . . . it will remain lifted until I share my “Diet Declaration” with you. It’s coming soon.

Last, note to family—I will gladly continue Costco runs for your Doritos.

Long live tradition.



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