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Upside-Down Mornings

Last Thursday, I had a fun, impromptu shopping trip with my sister Charis. At the Macy’s Clinique counter, we searched for eye-enhancing, age-defying makeup. I was almost out of my Clinique Quickliner and wanted a new color, so I bought 04 Slate. As I got ready for work yesterday morning, I grabbed my liners—they were both Slate. What? I already had that color? Ahh, Laura Beth. When I got to work, I sent Charis a quick “LOL” text about my duplicate liner. “At least you know you really like it,” she replied. Apparently, I do.

Monday Morning
My supervisor came in a few minutes later and we chatted about the weekend. Then, he rolled his chair toward me and said, “Let me take a picture of you.” “Huh? Why?” I said. Steven smiled, clicked the picture, and then showed it to me. He not only captured my confused look, he captured my name badge—my UPSIDE-DOWN name badge! We had a good laugh, the perfect way to start a Monday.

So, why did I buy a second Slate eyeliner? Why did I put my badge on upside down? Simple. I get confused easily. I probably just need to drink more water. Yesterday’s MSN health report said that people feel “less fatigued, less confused” when they increase their water consumption. But wait—another study says drinking too much water is bad for your health: “Research shows drinking when not thirsty can impair concentration, rather than boost it.” And somewhere on Facebook last week, a study circulated that said drinking water at specific times improves health.

You know what I think causes confusion? Research studies! As of today, I’m going to limit my consumption of studies, not water. I’m almost certain I’ll have fewer upside-down mornings, but when they come, I know the remedy—laugh. Laughing can help turn any upside-down morning right-side up, even a Monday.



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