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A Prayer

If I only had one prayer to pray each day, what would it be? I asked that question in 2001, and the answer is below. Solomon’s wisdom in the book of Ecclesiastes inspired this prayer, and continues to remind me that God is the one who gives true meaning to my life.

Dear Lord . . .

A Prayer for Today

Today is a new day! Thank you for this gift, Lord!

I stand in awe of you, the all-powerful God.

You are good and perfect,

and only through you will I find satisfaction, contentment and joy.

You are the one who gives meaning and purpose to my life.

You are the God of peace and your timing is perfect.

Help me to discover, accept, and appreciate this,

for it is the secret of knowing peace.

My heart aches to know you . . . to honor, love and serve you.

You have built in me a restless yearning for a perfect world,

but that can only be found in your perfect rule.

Lord, fill me with a spirit of trust and adventure.

With you directing my path, let me be willing

to face life’s risks and opportunities with enthusiasm and faith.

Remind me today that all my accomplishments

— both big and small —

are not the source of my self-worth or security.

It is only in your love that I have value.

Father, I have many responsibilities.

Help me realize that these are gifts from you.

Instill in me the desire to work hard with the proper motives,

knowing that I am responsible for

the physical and spiritual well-being of those under my care.

Lord, thank you for the many ideas and visions you have given me.

Direct me to the ones you want me to pursue,

and may I have the strength, self-discipline,

and patience to finish whatever I start.

I pray, dear Father that you would teach me to live wisely.

I know that injustice and adversity fill this world,

and inequities will come my way.

When they come, remind me that I serve you, not people.

Let trials be a refining fire . . . let them create in me a clean, pure heart.

And Father, give me the desire to remain earnest and dedicated in all I do

with your wisdom leading me to action.

No matter what mysteries or apparent contradictions life may bring,

keep me focused on the single purpose of knowing you.

Oh, God, everything I have is nothing without you.

I praise you for the fact that you can use what little I have

and make it all I could ever want or need.

You, and you alone, are my source of joy.

All glory and honor are yours, Father.


Laura Beth Ramirez, 2001. Written using Ecclesiastes commentary from the Life Application Study Bible®. NIV®. Notes and Bible Helps copyright © 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.

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