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Wishing Game

Wishing, WishingTucked in the corner of our piano room is a wicker basket filled with songbooks: NSync, Ultimate Christmas, The Music of America Made Easy for Guitar, and The Very BEST of the ‘90s so far. Oh, the ‘90s. Those were my songwriting days, now just a faint memory. A white binder sits among the songbooks and it hasn’t been opened since … a long time ago. My songs, printed from a Macintosh Classic, are hidden inside. The words on the printouts were also once hidden inside, hidden inside my heart. But today, twenty years later, I share this song with you:

Wishing Game

There are so many people that I’ve wished I could be

I’ve placed them high above where I thought they should be

But when they fell from their throne it was plain to see

That they’re really not much different from me

I’ve put on many faces that I thought would look good

With the hope that I’d fit in, just wishing I could

But then God opened my eyes and he said to me

That without him my search would be empty

And now I know

I don’t have to try to be like anyone else

Gotta be who I am, gotta be myself

Because I know whose I am and it’s plain to see

That a child of God is all I have to be

I am a child of God

I am the salt of the earth

I’ve been a light in the world since the day of my new birth

He has given me life and he has called me by name

So I no longer have to play the wishing game

No, I no longer have to play

the wishing game



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