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“I love imperfections . . . they inspire humility.”

Spring 2010 — I received a work-related email from a colleague and in closing, he apologized for his typos. In my reply, I commented, “I love imperfections . . . they inspire humility.”

August 2013 — While reading Everything is Grace about St. Therese of Lisieux, the following instruction given by St. Therese caught my attention:

“We have only to try to perform all the little acts of daily life with the greatest possible love, to recognize humbly but without sadness, our thousand imperfections which are always resurfacing and to ask God with confidence to transform them into love.”

These words gave my email quip new meaning—richer, fuller meaning that I pray will sink deep into my being.

Additions to my two-word phrase collection:

Little Acts

Daily Life

Humble Love

Ask God


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